Chromecast Extension Setup: Ultimate Guide

Chromecast setup: When it comes to media streaming, Google Chromecast has raised the bar to new heights. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Chromecast, allow me to bring you up to speed on this incredible innovation. If you’re like me, you love to stream movies on Netflix and catch up on your favorite TV shows with Hulu. However, I’ve had to watch these from my tiny phone screen before which was frustrating, to say the least.

Chromecast Setup

This is where Google Chromecast comes in and changes the way you stream. Chromecast is a small device that could fit in your pocket that allows you to stream from your phone to your HDTV. In other words, you can now watch your favorite shows on your TV screen instead of your smaller phone or tablet screen.

However, Chromecast is not limited to just streaming movies or TV shows. It can also take games off your device and stream them to your TV as well. If you enjoy music, Chromecast allows you to stream music from that same screen. In short, Google Chromecast can do it all, and that’s why I love it so much.

Now, you may have gone out and bought your Google Chromecast already. You’re ready to set it up, but you’re not sure where to start in the process. Have no fear because I am here to help you every step of the way. So, here is my Google Chromecast setup ultimate guide. Let’s get started!

How to Setup Chromecast?

When it comes to setting up your Google Chromecast, you’ll be pleased to know that isn’t a difficult or complex process. In fact, it’s very easy and achievable with nearly anybody out there. This is another one of the reasons that I love Chromecast because there’s no need for a technician to come and set it up for you. You can do it yourself saving time and money.

The first thing to do is to make sure you have the Chromecast device itself. You can’t set it up if you don’t have it. If you’re worried about the price being high, then don’t be. For most retailers, Chromecast runs for a modest $35. This is an incredible price for all the value that you’ll be receiving out of this device.

Before proceeding any further, I should mention a few other things that you’ll need to make sure you can run Google Chromecast. You’ll need the Chromecast extension device, an HDTV, a smartphone or tablet, and a stable Wi-Fi connection. I’ll explain the importance of these items as the guide continues.


Now that you have purchased your Google Chromecast, you are ready to begin the actual setup. First, you’ll need to plug your Chromecast into your HDTV. You’ll need to find the HDMI port on your TV, and plug the Chromecast into this port. The USB portion of the Chromecast will be the section that you plug into the port. Once you’ve done this, you’re ready for the next step.


After you’ve plugged your Chromecast into your HDTV, you’ll need to download an app for your smartphone or tablet. If you are using a laptop, you’ll only need to make sure you have Google Chrome downloaded onto it. If not, be sure to do this to enable Chromecast. For smartphone or tablet owners, you’ll need to head over to your app store to find the app.

Once you’ve opened your app store, search for “Google Home,” and then download this app on your phone or tablet. After it has finished downloading, open the app, and you’ll begin the next portion of the setup process.

When you open the app, you may receive a notice prompting you to setup a new device. If it does this, select yes and follow the instructions. However, if it does not give you this option when you open the app, you’ll need to do it manually. In the upper right corner, you can select a tab titled “devices.” From this screen, you’ll be able to setup your Chromecast and HDTV.

The next step is waiting for the two devices to connect to each other. Once it has finished doing this, it will send a code to your phone or tablet. You’ll need to make sure that the code you just received matches the one showing on your TV. If it does, you’ll go to the next step. If it does not, you’ll need to troubleshoot the issue, and possibly try connecting the two devices again.

Google Chromecast box

After the two devices have connected, it will prompt you to setup your Chromecast profile. You can give a name for the profile among other options as well. This is an easy process, and it doesn’t take too much time either. Next, you’ll need to connect your Chromecast to the internet. You can do this using your smartphone as the remote.

Be sure to connect the Chromecast to the same internet that your phone, tablet, or laptop is using. A different network will prevent your streaming.

Now that you have connected your Chromecast to the internet, you may go back and watch the tutorial for Chromecast. I recommend doing this step because it will inform you of how to setup Chromecast smoothly. Also, you’ll learn of new promos and offers coming up that may interest you as well. Be sure to check out that tutorial as it only takes a short time to watch.


Chromecast has revolutionized the streaming world, and I love what it can do. However, one of the best things about Chromecast is its easy setup. I’ve dealt with complex setups in the past, and it can ruin the experience for you if you’re stuck dealing with a difficult setup process before you can get started. Chromecast avoids that problem altogether making it a notch better than offer similar devices.

Now that you have your Chromecast and it’s all set up, you’re free to begin your unlimited streaming. Be sure to remember that you must have a pre-existing streaming platform before you buy Chromecast. By this, I mean that Chromecast does not provide you with a Netflix or Hulu service for free. You’ll need to be subscribed all ready to enjoy these with Chromecast.

I hope this guide has been helpful to you in learning about Chromecast setup. If it has been helpful to you, be sure to let us know!

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